Terms of using and Privacy Policy

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before using this website. These General Sale Terms are applying to any order placed on the website www.pureharmony.ee.


1.1 These Terms and Conditions are applying for pureharmony.ee customer (hereafter Client) and Pureharmony OÜ (hereafter pureharmony.ee) relating to the sale and purchase of products on the website www.pureharmony.ee. All sales transactions are effectuat on a legal basis.
1.2 The sale and purchase of products via www.pureharmony.ee will be governed by the following Terms and Conditions for all registered users of cutismedical.com and guests who wish to purchase products via this website. These can not contradict the law of Estonian Republic and can be supplemented with additional provisions (information about services, goods, prices).
1.3 At any time by updating the web page pureharmony.ee reserves the right to update the website and may revise these Terms and Conditions relates product’s prices, descriptions, safety options, etc. From time to time, those options could change and our company is under no duty to notify Client of such updates. All changes become effective from the moment of updating this website.
1.4 If the Client placed an order before any changes to the conditions were made, the product is delivered to the Client in accordance with the previous conditions, except as otherwise provided by the laws of Estonia or herein.
1.5 Seller details:
Legal name: PureHarmony OÜ
Legal address: Veeriku 8-23, Tartu, Estonia
Reg. №.: 16447861
Phone: +372 53733501
E-mail address: info@pureharmony.ee


2.1 All prices of our products are in EURO (€).
2.2 The prices of the goods do not include the costs of delivering the goods, they are calculated when placing the order and are added to the final price of the order. The price of the delivery of the goods depends on the delivery method chosen by the Customer when placing the order.
2.3 The prices can be changed by pureharmony.ee at any time without notice.
2.4 If an order was done before the price change, the product will still be charged at the rate prevailing at the time of the order. pureharmony.ee not refund the difference in price of products.
2.5 The price of the goods, which the Customer undertakes to pay to pureharmony.ee, is the price that is shown in the shopping cart at the time of placing the order.


3.1 pureharmony.ee is seller and Client of the web site www.pureharmony.ee is buyer.
3.2 After placing an order, the Client will receive the invoice and order confirmation by email from pureharmony.ee. If the Client didn’t get a notification about the order, please contact us by info@pureharmony.ee.
3.3 The invoice will contain full list of ordered products, delivery method and cost, all required payment details and contacts.
3.4 When placing an order, the Client selects a method of payment (net banking, debit/credit card, bank transfer, PayPal) and a shipping method. It is important to check with the rights of the customer and supplier.
3.5 The sales contract is considered concluded when the order is confirmed and the Customer has paid 100% of the amount due. All signed contracts are stored in the pureharmony.ee online store.
3.6 The order is processed within 1 working day after the payment is received on the pureharmony.ee account.
3.7 In case, when money not received by our bank account during two business days, the order will be cancelled.
3.8 When placing and paying for an order in the online store www.pureharmony.ee, the Client confirms that he has read the general terms of use, fully agrees with them and will comply with them.
3.9 Payment methods:
Payment via the Internet by credit and debit cards Visa, MasterCard.
With bank links: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop, Citadele, Šiaulių bankas, Medicinos bankas, OP, DanskeBank, Revolut.
Using the PayPal service.
Bank transfer.
3.10 PureHarmony OÜ is the main processor of personal data, Pureharmony OÜ transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to the Montonio Finance OÜ payment center.


4.1 After order’s payment, the products will be shipped to delivery address that was indicated, according to the selected delivery method.
4.2 The estimated delivery time depends on the shipping method and an order’s location.
4.3 In case that, the Сlient would like to change delivery address, it is necessary to inform our company as soon as possible. Client is responsibility to inform our company of any address or other relevant details change. In case when, an order has been send to the Client, it is not possible to change the delivery address.
4.4 Delivery and proper shipping depend on how precise information provided by the Client. The products will delivered properly, in case if the order has been correctly placed. For security reasons pureharmony.ee will not send any order while it is not possible to identify the client’s address or personal information. pureharmony.ee is not responsible for any delivery delays or information mistakes provided by Client.
4.5 pureharmony.ee have the rights to adjust and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.


5.1 All products in pureharmony.ee online store are 100% original. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Product images may differ from the actual product. Products description, pricing and availability displayed on the pureharmony.ee under product’s illustration. In case of doubt or for further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
5.2 According to the Law of Obligations, the Client has 14 days from the delivery of the parcel to return it to pureharmony.ee if the product was not suitable for the Client. In case of order return, the product should be in same condition in which it was send by our company. Tags, labels and any other accessory related to the product should be on same place. pureharmony.ee will not accept to pay back the order price to Client, if product of order send back damaged, soiled, broken or incomplete.
5.3 For order cancellation, the Client should send an email to info@pureharmony.ee during 14 days from the delivery date of the order. The main subjects of email should be the reason of order return, client’s name and order notification.
5.4 If a defect is discovered, the Client is obliged to notify pureharmony.ee by sending an email to info@pureharmony.ee with the following information: Client’s first and last name, contact details, date, alleged defect in the product (preferably along with a photo), invoice number or a copy of the product. The corresponding application must be sent no later than 14 days after receiving the order.
5.5 pureharmony.ee is not responsible for: Damage to goods caused by the fault or negligence of the client; for defects resulting from improper use of the goods; for natural physical wear and tear of the product during normal use.
5.6 If the product is non-suitable for the Client and need to be returned, the Client is responsible for the cost of product return charge. pureharmony.ee covers postal fees only, if it was wrong or defective product delivered to the Client.
5.7 Money for returned goods and shipping is paid to the Client’s bank account within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods by pureharmony.ee.
5.8 If the Customer wishes to exchange the returned product for another product or a different size of the same product, the Customer shall pay the postage for the returned product, unless the reason for the return is non-compliance with the order or scrap.
5.9 If the product has defect that was impossible to detect by external examination and that did not appear at the opening of the package, as well as if the product is not what was ordered, pureharmony.ee has the right to reduce the price of the product ordered or completely reimburse the cost of product to the Client.


6.1 pureharmony.ee is liable before the Client for any damage resulting from violation of the conditions in accordance with the legal acts of Estonia.
6.2 The Client is liable before pureharmony.ee for any damage resulting from violation by the Client of the conditions in accordance with the legal acts of Estonia. The Client is responsible for provided information and all the consequences that may arise from the information provided to them.
6.3 Neither of the parties is liable before the other one for conditions violated in the form of a delay or failure to comply with obligations in case this was caused by force majeure circumstances independent from the parties. The Agreement will be suspended during the period in which the force majeure event goes on and it is not a violation of the General Conditions.
6.4 pureharmony.ee does not compensate for moral damages that may be caused by changes in delivery times, changes in prices, etc. within these terms and conditions.
6.5 pureharmony.ee does not refund the client’s expenses caused by circumstances when the Client undertakes an obligation before third parties (independent from pureharmony.ee) on conditions contradicting the current conditions.
6.6 pureharmony.ee will not reimburse for the Client any loss of profit, consequential or other economic loss due to changes in prices, delivery times, etc.
6.7 pureharmony.ee will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of any of our obligations under an agreement that is caused by outside events our reasonable control (force majeure events).
6.8 The maximum amount of compensation may be the cost of the product and delivery of the ordered by the Client in pureharmony.ee online store.


7.1 The use of our website www.pureharmony.ee the Client gives clear and deliberate consent to the use of personal data provided pureharmony.ee.
7.2 The responsible data controller for the processing of personal data of visitors and customers of the online store www.pureharmony.ee (hereinafter referred to as the online store) is PureHarmony OÜ.
7.3 Purposes of data processing
– Conclusion and perfomance of contracts, including processing incoming orders and arranging delivery;
– With the prior consent from customers, direct marketing to customers and registered users for the purpose of sending news and special offers;
– Analysis and profiling of users of online store to improve the quality of services;
– In other cases, when the online store has a legitimate interest.
7.4 Legal Basis for personal data usage
– For the conclusion and perfomance of a contract between PureHarmony OÜ and the customer;
– Legitimate interest of PureHarmony OÜ;
– Obtained consent for the processing of personal data;
– To fulfill the obligations arising from legislation.
7.5 Whose personal data is processed
PureHarmony OÜ collects and uses the necessary personal data of customers who have placed an order and / or registered on the website of the online store.
7.6 Data for processing
Name, surname, contact information (address, phone, e-mail), payment details, order history, browsing history, email correspondence, data of representatives and suppliers data.
7.7 Third parties receiving personal data
PureHarmony OÜ transfers the necessary personal data of customers to:
– postal and delivery services (Omniva, SmartPost, DPD) for the purpose of order delivery;
– payment center Montonio Finance OÜ for payment processing;
– debt collection companies (in case of customer debt), and the payment default registry;
– legal service providing for consultation services related to customer relations;
– Supervisory and law enforcement authorities in accordance with the requirements and scope of the legislation.
The online store does not transfer the personal data of its customers to third countries.
7.8 Retention period of personal data
Customer data is processed throughout the duration of the contract, and for 3 years after the last order. After that, the data is deleted. If there is a legal obligation to observe a longer retention period, the online store complies with the requirements of the legislation.
In the case of consent for marketing communications, the online store processes personal data until the consent is withdrawn.
7.9 Security of personal data
To ensure the security and confidentiality of data, we use strong passwords, encryption, and two-factor authentication. Additionally, the system is protected by Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus.
7.10 Client rights
Customers have the right to:
– contact us to inquire about the personal data being used;
– request correction or supplementation of data if it is incomplete or incorrect;
– limit the processing of their data;
– object to the processing of personal data;
– request the transfer of their personal data;
– opt-out of receiving marketing communications;
– withdraw consent for the processing of personal data, if it does not contradict the legislation;
– request the cessation of processing or deletion of their personal data, if it does not contradict the legislation.
In the case of a request, the online store undertakes to respond within 30 days.
7.11 For matters that are not governed by these Terms and Conditions, the Client and pureharmony.ee governed by laws and legal acts of Estonia.
7.12 Dispute Resolution
In the event of disagreements or disputes regarding the processing of personal data the parties, first of all, try to reach an agreement through negotiations. If the disputes arising from the contract have not been resolved through negotiations, the customer may submit a claim with the court or the Personal Data Protection Inspectorate.
Data Protection Inspectorate:
Tatari 39, Tallinn, 10134
tel: 627 4135
Website: www.aki.ee
e-mail: info@aki.ee


8.1 The use of www.pureharmony.ee website and agreements for purchase of products, through this website will be governed by the Estonian law. If any of these General Sales Terms and Conditions or any provision of an agreement declared to null, then it does not affect the validity of other terms of the contract and replaced by another provision.
8.2 Any protest about these General Sale Terms and Conditions are governed by the Estonian law only.
8.3 The online store may unilaterally change the terms of use and privacy policy.